Club News and Updates

As of September 2023, VAVA is finalizing details for the upcoming 2023-2024 season and will have an update available on the 1st of October. Please be sure to check back for an update or join our mailing list to receive updates from our team.


Player Spotlight

Ava Moll

Libero/DS VAVA 16 Orange

Inspired by friends in the fifth grade to try something new, volleyball quickly became a sport Ava grew to love. She has learned to balance her time efficiently between practice, club, and school by making sure she finishes school work either in class or during her free time. She enjoys how fast-paced volleyball is and works hard to achieve goals she sets for herself. “You have to think quickly to make a smart play. It never gets boring because anything could happen. You have to learn how to be prepared and ready for it.” A memorable moment from this season was during the Big South tournament in Atlanta when her family from New Orleans came and recalled that “the games they came to were my favorite because of how my family supported me the whole time.”

Are there any challenges you face while playing volleyball? 

My biggest challenge when playing volleyball is getting anxious and learning to calm myself down. If my team is down in points I start trying to do too much which causes me to be very tense and not play as well as I should be if I just play loose

What’s your favorite warm-up song?

Right now my favorite would have to be “Don’t Blame Me” by Taylor Swift

One word you would use to describe yourself?

One word to describe myself is devoted. Whenever I want to get better at anything, I try my hardest to do everything I need to to get there. Once I create a goal for myself I don’t stop trying to reach that goal